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Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil – (I Thought It was Bad For You!)

Previously, if you’d asked me “what are the health benefits of coconut oil? I’d have said “None.” It’s one of the highest sources of saturated (bad) fat known to man – almost 90% saturated fat!” For years we’ve been told to limit saturated fat in our diet. Cutting down on things like meat and cheese.… Read More »

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits -They’re Really NOT Too Good To Be True!

I was very skeptical when I first heard of supposed dark chocolate health benefits. Claims ran from cutting the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%, reducing the risk of stroke , Alzheimer’s and Diabetes and my favorite: Improving the cognitive abilities in mentally impaired elderly people as well as improving their verbal fluency. It all… Read More »

Cinnamon Health Benefits – More Than You Think!

While you might sprinkle cinnamon on your coffee froth, when you read of the amazing health benefits of cinnamon you may find yourself wanting to use a lot more of it! TWO MAIN CINNAMON VARIETIES Firstly, you should know that cinnamon comes in 2 varieties: Cassia cinnamon which is the widely available type you buy… Read More »

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds – Are They Overrated?

Yes, it seems that chia seed health benefits are overrated when it comes to their alleged weight loss properties. They also seem to be overrated in their supposed ability to lower heart disease risk. On the other hand, gram for gram, chia seeds are possibly one of the most nutrient dense foods known to man!… Read More »