Alkaline Water Benefits – Can the Claims Be Proved?

By | November 24, 2014

woman drinking alkaline water

So you’ve heard of the amazing benefits of alkaline water and have decided to take out a mortgage to buy an alkaline water machine. After all, with promises of increased energy, cancer prevention,and a cure for arthritis as well as other degenerative diseases, it could be well worth the steep price.



Wait! Before you spend $1000’s ( the costs for one machine run from $1500 to $2600) make sure those claims have a basis in science.

Little CREDIBLE Evidence

The first point to mention is the fact that there seems to be no CREDIBLE evidence backing any of the claims made for alkaline water ( also called IONIZED water). In fact, looking at just a few of them chemically and biologically easily shows this.

Alkaline WaterBenefits -Anti-Oxidant Properties?

The claim is that alkaline (ionized) water is a powerful anti-oxidant meaning it has surplus electrons that can mop up dangerous disease causing ‘free radicals’that are running rampant in our bodies. As such, the claim goes, it can halt or even reverse cancer and arthritis! Further, this ‘free radical’clean up also reverses premature aging! How wonderful – if only it were true.

Unfortunately,the above fails to mention our body’s NATURALLY OCCURRING anti-oxidant enzymes which are millions of times more effective!

Further,contrary to the claim for alkaline water being an anti-oxidant,it is in fact the OPPOSITE. It’s an OXIDANT! It can actually bleach the color from iodine  due to the presence of hypochlorites.Think of toilet bleach. This is sodium hypochlorite and is, not an anti-oxidant, but the opposite – an oxidant.

So don’t throw your money away on the false belief alkaline water will have any effect on a degenerative disease due to perceived anti-oxidant properties.


Firstly, there is no such thing as a universal pH for all body fluids.For example, Stomach acid has to be a very low pH (acidic) to digest food,whereas blood needs to be a much higher pH (alkaline, about 7,4). You can’t survive without these differences in pH. They can’t all be alkaline and the body has a very sophisticated system to maintain these balances. Drinking alkaline ionized water won’t change this biological fact.

So what actually happens when you drink a glass of alkaline water? Well, gastric juices, being very acidic, will soon remove any alkalinity from the water.The (now acidic) water enters the intestine where it’s utilized by your body. Here anything acidic gets neutralized by pancreatic juices and becomes alkaline! So ANY water you drink eventually becomes alkaline anyway!!

I’ll say it again. Don’t waste your money thinking ionized water will neutralize acid in your body. It won’t!


Unfortunately, there is no evidence that alkaline ionized water has ANY effect on cancer.In fact, it could even be said that it may contribute to conditions known to develop into cancer!For example, Hydrochlorous acid ( HOCl) which is always present in alkaline solution that contain hypochlorites, is known to trigger some cellular processes associated with cancer.

For example, HOCl leads to the formation of 5-chlorocytosine, a potential suppressor of some genes that usually inhibit tumor growth. DNA sequences can also be disturbed leading to mutations.

No-one is saying that ionized water CAUSES cancer, only that there is far more evidence for this than evidence of its PREVENTING cancer. It’s something worth thinking about.

If you still really want to try alkaline water, there’s no reason to waste $1000’s. Here are some cost-effective ways to DIY:


Are you handy with simple electronics or have a friend who is? How about making your own Alkaline Water Ionizer? With commercial varieties costing between $3900 and $2900, how much better if you could make your own for less than $100?
Follow this link for instructions.

If making your own machine seems too intimidating, why not try the following simple methods. Bear in mind when doing them, you want the final pH of the water to be in the region of 7,5 to 8. To get an accurate reading, purchase a pH test kit, usually available at health stores. The pH test kit will come with pH strips and a pH color chart against which you will compare the reading.



pH indicator paper

pH Indicator Paper from Amazon. **CLICK IMAGE

Use baking soda. Baking soda is a highly alkaline substance! Add about 1 milliliter(1/4 tsp) to a glass of water.Stir thoroughly. When it combines with the water it turns it alkaline. Be aware that baking soda is high in sodium.

alkaine, baking soda

Favorite Baking Soda from Amazon **CLICK IMAGE

Use lemons. Although lemons are not alkaline, they are ‘anionic’. Simply meaning when they react with your body, they alkalize! The advantage here is that lemon and water tastes better than the baking powder method. They are, however, quite corrosive so it’s best to brush your teeth after drinking lemon alkaline water.

To 4 cups of water, add the juice of one lemon. You can also add pink Himalaya salt to add trace minerals.

pink salt, himalaya, trace minerals

Sherpa Pink Himalaya Salt from Amazon **CLICK IMAGE





Why not try our Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement powder? Use 1 level teaspoon to 4 cups of water or more. The rich combination of over 60 macro and micro trace minerals alkalizes water to a safe pH of about 8. All the while giving nourishing mineral nutrients.

Trace Minerals

Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement

Use pH drops – a potent concentrated mineral formula to add to water to create an alkaline solution. Available at health stores. Follow directions on pack.

Check out our product, Life Leader Oxygen Boost, a highly alkaline concentrate with over 60 trace minerals taken from an extinct sea in the Kalahari Desert.It has the further benefit of oxygenating qualities. 8 to 10 drops in 1/2 glass of water.

Life Leader Oxygen Boost

Life Leader Oxygen Boost

Bear in mind that all these methods DO NOT filter out chlorine or fluoride that can be found in tap water. You could try any of the above methods using filtered water if desired.


alkaline water

Alkaline Water Filter from Amazon. **CLICK IMAGE

These filters are light and easy to carry and FAR cheaper than buying a water ionizer machine. Water is poured into the filter where it then passes through a series of filters. Once through, it then sits in a pool of alkalizing minerals.Often found with kitchen appliances in home stores or simply order from Amazon!

Hope this helps. Why not try ALL the methods and see which you prefer!

pH Test – An Accurate Indicator of Your Health?
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