Hello! My name is Leigh Garrod, owner of Life Leader Health Products. My company has operated from Durban, South Africa, since 1998.

Being in the heath business, I’m very interested in finding a balance between alternative and orthodox health issues. In my experience the answers to health questions often lie in the middle of these 2 disciplines. With this in mind, when researching a health topic, I try to consider both sides of the argument. You’ll hopefully pick this up if you read my articles on this website dealing with the controversial subject of body pH – whether you can really control whether your body fluids are acid or alkaline. Click here: ….

My company, Life Leader Products was started by my father, Kevin O’Shaughnessy, a delightful, brilliant, typical Irishman born in Dublin, Ireland during World War 2.

In the 1960’s, Kevin was working for a company that was in the forefront of a new scientific method for laboratory work called Atomic Absorption. My father was privileged to be chosen to introduce this new research tool to the African continent (below is screenshot of newspaper article November 7, 1966 from The Natal Mercury newspaper showing my father and the first Atomic Absorption machine in Africa!)

Kevin atomic absorption newspaper photo

Kevin O’Shaughnessy demonstrating the first Atomic Absorption device in Africa. (Natal Mercury, November 7, 1966)

At the time, Atomic Absorption caused quite a lot of excitement, and it’s introduction was widely reported by newspapers and scientific magazines. But what is Atomic Absorption, and how can it benefit your health?

Simply put, it’s a way of measuring the mineral content of anything – from soil to blood! Say, for example, there was a mineral deficiency causing crop failure, Atomic Absorption could give an accurate answer as to what the missing nutrients were. If this was known, then the problem could be rectified with supplementation. Before Atomic Absorption this sort of problem was solved by guesswork. Not only crops, but livestock too could die in huge numbers from a nutrient deficiency. Here, blood and tissue could now be analyzed to find the cure. But how does this relate to YOUR health?

The interesting point of all of this is the fact that humans, YOU, can also get sick due to a mineral deficiency. In fact, mineral deficiencies have been implicated in 1000’s of diseases!

With this in mind, and using his background in Atomic Absorption, my father formulated our Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement.  This product has over 60 trace mineral PLUS extra amounts of the major minerals that humans need. Needless to say, it’s the most popular of our products with many happy customers over the years!

I’m very happy to be able to continue the work my father started with these products and hope to carry it on for many years to come. See my trace mineral products for our 2 most popular products.

Thanks for browsing my website
Leigh Garrod


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