By | November 21, 2014

30 years back pain – Gone!
I’ve had lower back pain for THIRTY YEARS – sometimes I couldn’t walk! After 2 months on Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement my back pain had gone! – Gloria

Osteoporosis – “NO MORE CRUTCHES!”
I have suffered with osteoporosis for 14 years forcing me to use crutches most of the time. I have tried all sorts of medications, including laser treatment. My doctor advised me that the time had come for knee replacement. Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement changed my life completely. Three months down the line I now walk without crutches and have lost a lt of weight. My sincere thanks go to the Life Leader team for such a wonderful, natural product. I will never do without it. God Bless. – Edna

Arthritis- “My swollen fingers dropped 3 sizes!”
At the age of 47 I developed arthritis in my hands. My knuckles swelled to the point where my fingers looked almost deformed and my knees started to follow suit. I was given anti-inflammatories, painkillers and, finally, cortisone, all of which did nothing to help. After one month on Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement, I found I had more energy, my knees were feeling a lot better, and to my great delight the swelling in one of them started going down. Four months on Life Leader, and the other one started to go down too. My rings had to be made 3 sizes smaller and my circulation improved drastically – no more cold feet in bed and no more cramp. I can now open the garage door, thread a needle and wring out clothes. – Robyn

I cae across Life eader Dietary ineral Supplement through a friend of mine called Damien who experienced a remarkable recovery in his “rugby knees”. I was also carrying the scars of many a tough game of rugby and at times my knees were quite painful. I started drinking Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement, somehow not thinking the stuff would work, but, boy, was I wrong! Within 2 months I ade a ful recovery. The pain in my knees was gone. What an amazing product.Drink it, it works! – Heini

In February I was told again that I had the dreaded “C”. It had returned with a vengeance. A friend felt that Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement could possibly help me. I felt I had nothing to lose. In the following months I have seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of my hair, skin and general well-being. If there has been such a dramatic improvement in such a short space of time, imagine what it culd do if taken over a longer period! – Name withheld by request.
I have been a insulin diabetic for the past 14 years, during which time I must have had 1000’s of injections. About 2 months ago I was introduced to Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement. I started using them, a bit tongue in cheek, because I could not believe anything could improve my situation. Within the first week I experienced amazing results, and today I use at least a third less insulin than 2 months ago. I have more energy during the day and my eyesight also improved. I look forward to the day I will be able to control my diabetes by folowing a mild excercise routine and by drining Life leader Dietary Mineral Supplement. I have introduced Life leader to a number of peopel in the Vaal Triangle and all of them rave over the fact that they sleep better, have less stress and more energy. Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by, especially if you are a diabetic. – Neil

Like so may fellow South Africans, I have had to live with the after-effects of a very serious road accident. In fact I have been living on painkillers and cortisone injections.Within 6 weeks of taking Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement I am off painkillers and cortisone and experience no more cramps. I am so impressed that I am telling all my friends and family about these remarkable minerals. – Kobus

Panic attacks – A thing of the past!
” Heart palpitations and panic attacks haunted me for years”

Since taking a daily dose of Life leader Dietary Mineral Supplement, I no longer suffer from them. I also sleep much better and have a lot more energy. – Betty

Frozen shoulder – ‘Defrosted’!

“Severe shoulder pains meant I couldn’t lift my arms higher than shoulder height!”

After taking Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement every day for 2 months I have regained full mobility in my shoulders and the constant pain is reduced by about 80%. – Peet

Gout is Out!
“In the past I suffered badly with gout.”

I’ve taken Life leader Dietary mineral Supplement for 3 months now and there has been a HUGE reduction in pain. A huge improvement to my general health as well! – Cobie

Painful, stiff fingers – No more!

” My fingers were so painful I had to soak them in warm water just to shave!”

After just 4 months on Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement I can now flex my fingers without pain! – Malcolm