Managing GERD: These Strategies Work!

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a distressing condition characteized by the backflow of stomach acid into the esophagus, causing uncomfortable symptoms like heartburn and acid indigestion. Proper GERD management is crucial to alleviate discomfort and prevent potential complications. Here are some good tips to manage GERD and improve your quality of life. Dietary Adjustments:  Making smart… Read More »

NEW PRODUCT -Magnesium Lotion High Potency!

A pain relieving lotion comprising Magnesium in a 99% natural lotion base. Used for: Muscle cramps Headaches Inflammation pain, Post workout pain, Restless legs, Stress, Restful sleep, Pregnancy aches and pains, Improves Calcium absorption Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and plays a role in over 300 essential metabolic reactions. Needless to say, a deficiency in this… Read More »

Alkaline Water Benefits – Can the Claims Be Proved?

So you’ve heard of the amazing benefits of alkaline water and have decided to take out a mortgage to buy an alkaline water machine. After all, with promises of increased energy, cancer prevention,and a cure for arthritis as well as other degenerative diseases, it could be well worth the steep price.     Wait! Before… Read More »

pH Test – An Accurate Indicator of Your Health?

  Arguments “FOR” and “AGAINST” THE ARGUMENT FOR pH BEING AN ACCURATE INDICATOR OF YOUR HEALTH In the “Wright Diet”, Celia Wright describes the over-acidic person as being grouchy, sensitive, inclined to aches and pains, headaches, problems with sleep and acidity of the stomach. Does this sound like you? Many identify with these symptoms. According… Read More »

pH Balance Diet – Does It Work?

 The pH Balance Diet is also known as the ‘Alkaline Diet’ and has been popularized recently by celebrities. Many nutritionists energetically advocate it, including the well-known Patrick Holford. The idea is that you can change your blood and other body fluids to an alkaline state and start to feel the relief that comes from reversing their… Read More »

Trace Minerals – What We Know About Them

WHAT ARE ‘TRACE’ MINERALS? Minerals can be divided into 2 groups: Macro minerals and Micro minerals. If the body needs more than 100 milligrams (mg) we categorize it as a MACRO mineral whereas if it needs less than 100 milligrams – it’s a micro-mineral. Another name for micro minerals are TRACE MINERALS. Trace minerals are… Read More »

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil – (I Thought It was Bad For You!)

Previously, if you’d asked me “what are the health benefits of coconut oil? I’d have said “None.” It’s one of the highest sources of saturated (bad) fat known to man – almost 90% saturated fat!” For years we’ve been told to limit saturated fat in our diet. Cutting down on things like meat and cheese.… Read More »

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits -They’re Really NOT Too Good To Be True!

I was very skeptical when I first heard of supposed dark chocolate health benefits. Claims ran from cutting the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%, reducing the risk of stroke , Alzheimer’s and Diabetes and my favorite: Improving the cognitive abilities in mentally impaired elderly people as well as improving their verbal fluency. It all… Read More »

Cinnamon Health Benefits – More Than You Think!

While you might sprinkle cinnamon on your coffee froth, when you read of the amazing health benefits of cinnamon you may find yourself wanting to use a lot more of it! TWO MAIN CINNAMON VARIETIES Firstly, you should know that cinnamon comes in 2 varieties: Cassia cinnamon which is the widely available type you buy… Read More »

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds – Are They Overrated?

Yes, it seems that chia seed health benefits are overrated when it comes to their alleged weight loss properties. They also seem to be overrated in their supposed ability to lower heart disease risk. On the other hand, gram for gram, chia seeds are possibly one of the most nutrient dense foods known to man!… Read More »

Health Concerns – What’s Popular on Google?

      Have you ever wondered what health concerns worry people the most? Below are some of the top searches done on Google. Three of them caught my attention: ” Are energy drinks safe?”, “Will Stevia (a new, popular sugarless sweetener) give you hypoglycemia?” and “Is it true that men die more often than… Read More »


30 years back pain – Gone! I’ve had lower back pain for THIRTY YEARS – sometimes I couldn’t walk! After 2 months on Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement my back pain had gone! – Gloria Osteoporosis – “NO MORE CRUTCHES!” I have suffered with osteoporosis for 14 years forcing me to use crutches most of… Read More »


Ionic Calcium 900mg Magnesium 400mg Potassium 25mg Copper 1mg Zinc 15mg Colloidal silver 5ppm Molybdenum 2mcg Sulfur 10mg Boron 1mg Bromine 15mcg Silver 0,5mcg Tin 3mcg Lithium 0,05mcg Gold 0,1mcg Silica 0,6mcg Rubidium 2,5mcg Strontium 0,15mcg Nickel 0,14mcg Titanium 0,2mcg Vanadium 0,04mcg Cobalt 0,8mcg Zirconium 0,04mcg Yttrium 0,04mcg Rhenium 0,05mcg Niobium 0,03mcg Beryllium 0,02mcg Erbium… Read More »

Resources Check out this great website for more information on acidity in the body.

LOW Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) – What To Do

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) is a hormone imbalance caused when the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone. What are the symptoms of hypothyroid? The most common are fatigue and intolerance to cold. If everyone around you is wearing short sleeves and you’re wearing a jacket you most likely have hypothyroid issues. Other common symptoms are… Read More »