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NEW PRODUCT -Magnesium Lotion High Potency!

A pain relieving lotion comprising Magnesium in a 99% natural lotion base. Used for: Muscle cramps Headaches Inflammation pain, Post workout pain, Restless legs, Stress, Restful sleep, Pregnancy aches and pains, Improves Calcium absorption Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and plays a role in over 300 essential metabolic reactions. Needless to say, a deficiency in this… Read More »


30 years back pain – Gone! I’ve had lower back pain for THIRTY YEARS – sometimes I couldn’t walk! After 2 months on Life Leader Dietary Mineral Supplement my back pain had gone! – Gloria Osteoporosis – “NO MORE CRUTCHES!” I have suffered with osteoporosis for 14 years forcing me to use crutches most of… Read More »


Ionic Calcium 900mg Magnesium 400mg Potassium 25mg Copper 1mg Zinc 15mg Colloidal silver 5ppm Molybdenum 2mcg Sulfur 10mg Boron 1mg Bromine 15mcg Silver 0,5mcg Tin 3mcg Lithium 0,05mcg Gold 0,1mcg Silica 0,6mcg Rubidium 2,5mcg Strontium 0,15mcg Nickel 0,14mcg Titanium 0,2mcg Vanadium 0,04mcg Cobalt 0,8mcg Zirconium 0,04mcg Yttrium 0,04mcg Rhenium 0,05mcg Niobium 0,03mcg Beryllium 0,02mcg Erbium… Read More »